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Zhengfei Guan

Zhengfei Guan

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Gainesville, FL 32611-0240


Dr. Guan’s research interests are in finance and production economics, environmental economics, and applied econometrics. He has conducted research and published in the areas of bio-economic modeling, productivity and performance analysis, and risk management. His current research focuses on agricultural decision making under risk and uncertainty, covering decision areas in production, land use, investment, and (bio)technology adoption. Dr. Guan’s other research activities include economic and environmental impact analysis of policy and farm decisions/activities.

Selected Publications

  • Wu, F., Z. Guan, and R.J. Myers. 2011. “Volatility spillover effects and cross hedging in corn and crude oil futures.” Journal of Futures Markets 31: 1052-1075.
  • Guan, Z., S.C. Kumbhakar, R.J. Myers, and A. Oude Lansink. 2009. “Measuring excess capital capacity in agricultural production.”American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91:765-776.
  • Guan, Z., and A. Oude Lansink. 2006. “The source of productivity growth in Dutch agriculture: A perspective from finance.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88: 644-656.
  • Guan, Z., A. Oude Lansink, M. van Ittersum, and A. Wossink. 2006. “Integrating agronomic principles into production function specification: A dichotomy of growth inputs and facilitating inputs.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88: 203-214.
  • Guan, Z., A. Oude Lansink, A. Wossink, and R. Huirne. 2005. “Damage abating inputs: a comparison of conventional and organic farming systems.” European Review of Agricultural Economics 32: 167-189.
  • Guan, Z., and A. Oude Lansink. 2003. “Input disposability and efficiency in Dutch arable farming.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 54: 467-478.


  • PhD, Wageningen University, 2005
  • MS, Wageningen University, 2001
  • BS, Nanjing university, 1992