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Lisa House

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1083 MCCA
P.O. Box 110240 IFAS
Gainesville, FL 32611-0240



  • Agribusiness Marketing and Management
  • Consumer Tastes and Preferences

Current Projects

  • Impact of Social Networks on Brand Adoption
  • E-trust, building trust and quality assurance
  • Impact of Food Marketing on Obesity
  • Consumer Perceptions of GM and Organic products
  • Culture and Food Consumption

International Experience

Much of my research focuses on the impact of different cultures on food consumption, with a focus on the differences between the E.U. and the U.S., as well as Latin American countries.

Selected Publications

  • Traill, W.B., W. Yee, J. Lusk, S. Jaeger, L. House, J. Morrow, C. Valli, and M. Moore. “Perceptions of the Risks and Benefits of Genetically-modified Foods and Their Influence on Willingness to Consume.” Food Economics, 3 (2006):12-19.
  • Lusk, J.L., W.B. Traill, L.O. House, C. Valli, S.R. Jaeger, M. Moore, B. Morrow. “Comparative Advantage in Demand: Experimental Evidence of Preferences for Genetically Modified Food in the United States and European Union.” Journal of Agricultural Economics, 57(2006), 1:1-21.
  • Knight, E. L. House, M. Nelson, R. Degner. “An Evaluation of Consumer Preferences Regarding Goat Meat in the South,” Journal of Food Distribution Research 37(2006), 1:88-96.
  • Lusk, J.L., L.O. House, C. Valli, S.R. Jaeger, M. Moore, B. Morrow, W.B. Traill. “Consumer Welfare Effects of Introducing and Labeling Genetically Modified Food.” Economics Letters, 88(2005), 382-388.
  • Traill, W.B., Jaeger, S.R., Yee, W.M.S., Valli, C., House, L.O., Lusk, J.L., Moore, M., & Morrow Jr., J.L. (2004). Categories of GM Risk-benefit Perceptions and Their Antecedents. AgBioForum, 7(4), 176-186.
  • Harrison, R.W., Boccaletti, S., & House, L. (2004). Risk Perceptions of Urban Italian and United States Consumers for Genetically Modified foods. AgBioForum, 7(4), 195-201.
  • Jaeger, S.R., J.L. Lusk, L.O. House, C. Valli, M. Moore, B. Morrow and W.B. Traill. “Acceptance of Genetically Modified Foods: Non-Hypothetical Experimental Markets.” Food Quality and Preference. 15(2004):701-714.
  • Lusk, J., L. House, C. Valli, S. Jaeger, M. Moore, B. Morrow, W.B. Traill. “Effect of Information about Benefits of Biotechnology on Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Food: Evidence from Experimental Auctions in the United States, England, and France.” European Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 31, Number 2 (2004): 179-204.
  • Hudson, Darren, Lisa House, Barry Barnett, and Murat Isik. “GPS Inc. A Case of Investment Under Uncertainty.” Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 26, Number 2(2004):303-312.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., L. House, and C. López-Reyna. “Cargill Hybrid Seeds Mexico: A Case Study.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Volume 5, Number 3(2003).
  • House, L., T. Hanson, S. Sureshwaran. “U.S. Consumers – Examining the Decision to Consume Oysters and the Decision of How Frequent to Consume Oysters.” Journal of Shellfish Research, Vol.22, Number 1 (2003):51-59.
  • House, L. and J. Sterns. “What are Agricultural Economics Ph.D. Students Learning about Agribusiness Research Methods and Subject Areas?” NACTA Journal, June 2003:31-35.
  • House, L., Melgar, Salvador, and Barry Barnett. “Victor Melgar’s Coffee Farm.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Volume 6, Number 3(2003): online journal.
  • Isik, M., K. Coble, D. Hudson, and L. House. “Investment under Uncertainty: Applications of Real Option Valuation to Agribusiness Investments in Remote Sensing Technologies.” Agricultural Economics, 28(May 2003):215-224.
  • Lusk, Jayson, Melissa Moore, Lisa House, and Jake Morrow. “Influence of Brand Name, Store Loyalty, and Type of Modification on Consumer Acceptance of Genetically Engineered Corn Chips.” International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, Volume 4, Number 4(2001): 373-383.
  • Sureshwaran, S., L. House, G. Hanks, and R. Little. “Carolina Golden Products.” Journal of Food Distribution Research, Volume 32, Number 2(2001): 67-74.

Honors and Awards

  • 2005 American Agricultural Economics Association Teaching, 10 or Less Years Experience.
  • 2004 Southern Agricultural Economics Association Teaching of a Course.
  • 2003 Undergraduate Teacher of the Year, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Florida.
  • Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Outstanding Grantsmanship Award, 2000.
  • Gamma Sigma Delta, Outstanding Teaching Award, 2000
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, 1998
  • NACTA Teaching Award of Merit, 1998
  • 1997 Mortar Board Outstanding Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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  • PhD, Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, 1995
  • MS, Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University, 1994
  • BS, Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, 1991

Courses Taught

  • AEB 6817 Survey Research Methods for Economists
  • AEB 4342 Food and Agribusiness Marketing Management
  • AEB 3671 Comparative World Agriculture
  • AEB 3133 Principles of Agribusiness Management
  • AEB 3935 FRE Seminar