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Hayk Khachatryan

Hayk Khachatryan

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Mid-Florida Research and Education Center
2725 S. Binion Road
Apopka, FL 32703
(407) 410-6951

Dr. Khachatryan is an assistant professor and extension economist with a joint appointment in the Food and Resource Economics Department and Mid-Florida Research and Education Center. His research focuses on issues in the field of horticultural economics, including consumer behavior, marketing and applied econometrics. His Extension program focuses on sustainable developments in the environmental horticulture industry, as well as determination of impacts of horticultural practices and policies in the urban environment.


  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Environmental Horticulture
  • Transportation Economics


  • Ph.D., Washington State University, 2010
  • M.A., Washington State University, 2007
  • B.S., Armenian State Agrarian University, 2003

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida, 2010-present
  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2010-2011
  • Graduate Research Assistant, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University, 2005-2010

Selected Publications

  • Campbell, B., H. Khachatryan, B. Behe, C. Hall, C. Yue, and J. Dennis. 2014. Consumer Perceptions and Misperceptions of Ecofriendly and Sustainable Terms. Forthcoming in Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.
  • Yue, C., B. Campbell, C. Hall, B. Behe, J. Dennis, and H. Khachatryan. 2015. Consumer Preference for Environment and Origin Attributes in Plants: Evidence from Experimental Auctions. Forthcoming in Agribusiness: An International Journal.
  • Behe, B.K., B.L. Campbell, H. Khachatryan, C. Hall, J. Dennis, P.T. Huddleston, and R.T. Fernandez. 2014. Incorporating Eye Tracking Technology and Conjoint Analysis to Better Understand the Green Industry Consumer. Forthcoming in HortScience.
  • Khachatryan, H., C. Yue, B. Campbell, B. Behe, C. Hall, and J. Dennis. 2014. The Effects of the Consideration of Future and Immediate Consequences on Willingness to Pay Decisions for Plant Attributes. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 32(2), 64-70.
  • Campbell, B., H. Khachatryan, B. Behe, J. Dennis, and C. Hall. 2014. U.S. and Canadian Perceptions of Local and Organic Terminology. International Food & Agribusiness Management Review, 17(2), 21-40.
  • Khachatryan, H., B. Campbell, C. Hall, B. Behe, C. Yue, and J. Dennis. 2014. The Effects of Individual Environmental Concerns and Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Plant Attributes. HortScience, 49(1), 69-75.
  • Khachatryan, H., J. Joireman, and K. Casavant. 2013. Relating Values and Consideration of Future and Immediate Consequences to Consumer Preference for Biofuels: A Three-Dimensional Social Dilemma Analysis. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 34, 97-108.
  • Behe, B., B. Campbell, C. Hall, H. Khachatryan, J. Dennis, and C. Yue. 2013. Consumer Preferences for Local and Sustainable Plant Production Characteristics. HortScience, 48(2), 200-208.
  • Palma, M., C. Hall, B. Campbell, H. Khachatryan, B. Behe, and S. Barton. 2012. Measuring the Effects of Firm Promotion Expenditures on Green Industry Sales. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 30(2), 83-88.
  • Khachatryan, H., J. Yan, and K. Casavant. 2011. Spatial Differences in the Price-Elasticity of Demand for Ethanol. Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, 50(3), 43-61.

Honors and Awards

  • Washington State University Research Assistant Excellence Award, 2010.
  • Best Paper Award Runner Up, Canadian Transportation Research Forum, 2008.
  • Agricultural and Rural Transportation Paper Second Award, Transportation Research Forum, 2008.