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Sherry Larkin

Sherry Larkin

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1117 MCCB
P.O. Box 110240 IFAS
Gainesville, FL 32611-0240



Marine Resource Economics; Fisheries Management; Seafood Marketing; Bioeconomic Modeling; Survey Research

Current Projects

  • Resource Rents for Ephemeral Fisheries
  • Buyback Programs for Capacity Reduction in Fisheries
  • Precision Farming
  • Valuation of Waterway Characteristics for Recreational Boaters
  • Joint Forest Management Regimes

Extension Activities

  • Elected Member, Executive Committee, International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET)
  • Associate Editor, Marine Resource Economics, 2001-present
  • Elected Chair, W1004: “Marketing, Trade, and Management of Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources,” CSREES, Multistate Research Project, May 2005 – April 2007.
  • Appointed Member, Ad Hoc Shrimp Effort Working Group, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, 2006-07.
  • Appointed Member, Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC), South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, National Marine Fisheries Service, June 2004 – May 2007.
  • Appointed Member, Socioeconomic Panel (SEP), Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, National Marine Fisheries Service, March 2005 – March 2007.

International Experience

Fisheries management issues in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Falkland Islands, and Korea; Joint forest management in India; Visiting Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Selected Publications

  • Larkin, S., G. Sylvia, and M. Harte. In Press. “Optimal Rebuilding of Fish Stocks in Different Nations: Bioeconomic Lessons for Regulators,” Marine Resource Economics.
  • Larkin, S., and C. Adams. In Press. “Harmful Algal Blooms and Coastal Business: Economic Consequences in Florida.” Society and Natural Resources. FAES Journal Series No. R-09742.
  • Choi, Jong Du, S.L. Larkin, and T.H. Spreen. 2006. “A Bioeconomic Model for Cham Scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) Aquaculture in Korea,” Aquaculture Economics and Management 10(2): 125-146.
  • Larkin, S.L., L. Perruso, M.C. Marra, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.L. Cochran, and S.W. Martin. 2005. “Observing Environmental Benefits from Precision Farming: Influencing Factors in the Southeastern United States,” Journal of Agriculture and Applied Economics 37(3): 577-588. (FAES Journal Series No. R-10850).
  • Mashour, T., J. Alavalapati, R. Matta, D. Carter, and S. Larkin. 2005. “A Hedonic Analysis of the Effect of Natural Attributes and Deed Restrictions on the Value of Conservation Easements.” Forest Policy and Economics 7: 771-781.
  • Perruso, L., R. Weldon, and S. Larkin. 2005. “Predicting Optimal Targeting Strategies in Multispecies Fisheries: A Portfolio Approach,” Marine Resource Economics 20(1): 25-45. (FAES Journal Series No. R-09677).
  • Larkin, S., J.R. Alavalapati, and R.K. Shrestha. 2005. “Hedonic Analysis of Public Preservation Lands in Florida,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 37(1): 115-130. (FAES Journal Series No. R-09009).
  • Larkin, S.L., W. Keithly, C.M. Adams, and R.F. Kazmierczak, Jr. 2004. “Buyback Programs for Capacity Reduction in the U.S. Atlantic Shark Fishery.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 36(2): 317-332. (Invited Paper; FAES Journal Series No. R-02490).
  • Stainback, G.A., J.R. Alavalapati, R. Shrestha, S. Larkin, and G. Wong. 2004. “Improving Environmental Quality in South Florida through Silvopasture: An Economic Approach,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 36(2): 481-489. (FAES Journal Series No. R-09887).
  • Roberts, R.K., B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.L. Cochran, W.R. Goodman, S.L. Larkin, M.C. Marra, S.W. Martin, and W.D. Shurley. 2004. “Adoption of Site-Specific Information and Variable Rate Technologies in Cotton Precision Farming,” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 36(1): 143-158.
  • Larkin, S. and G. Sylvia. 2004. “Generating Enhanced Fishery Rents by Internalizing Product Quality Characteristics,” Environmental and Resource Economics 28(1): 101-122. (FAES Journal Series No. R-08055).
  • Larkin, S. and C. Adams. 2003. “The Marine Life Fishery in Florida, 1990-1998,” Marine Fisheries Review 65(1): 21-31. (FAES Journal Series No. R-09676).
  • Larkin, S., G. Sylvia and C. Tuininga. 2003. “Portfolio Analysis for Optimal Seafood Product Diversification and Resource Management.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 28(2): 252-271. (FAES Journal Series No. R-08058).

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  • 1998 Ph.D. Oregon State University (Ag & Resource Econ.)
  • 1990 M.S. University of Arizona (Ag Econ.)
  • 1988 B.S. Washington State University (Ag Econ.)

Courses Taught

  • AEB 2450 Valuing Environ. Protection in FL
  • AEB 3450 Intro. to Natural Res. & Env. Econ.
  • AEB 6817 Survey Research Methods
  • AEB 6453 Natural Resource & Environ. Econ.

Honors and Awards

  • 2003 Outstanding Program in Research (1st recipient), Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida
  • 2001 Distinguished Professional Contribution Award, Poster Competition, Southern Agricultural Economics Association