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Andrew Schmitz

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Professor Andrew Schmitz is the Ben Hill Griffin, Jr., Eminent Scholar and Professor of Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida; Research Professor, University of California, Berkeley; and Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan. He received awards for both his Master's thesis (University of Saskatchewan) and his Ph.D. dissertation (University of Wisconsin-Madison). He is a Fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association. His publications have won six major research awards and three research of enduring quality awards from the American Agricultural Economics Association, and two major awards from the Canadian Agricultural Economics Association. He was awarded the Who’s Who in America in 2004, the Southern Agricultural Economics Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, and the Earned Doctor of Letters degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1999. He has been a consultant to hundreds of private and public organizations. Some of his recent books include Government Policy and Farmland Markets (Iowa State Press); The Welfare Economics of Public Policy (Elgar Publishing); Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness, and Rent-Seeking Behavior (University of Toronto Press); Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness, and Rent-Seeking Behavior, Second Edition (University of Toronto Press); Sugar and Related Sweetener Markets (CABI Publishing), and The Economics of Alternative Energy Sources and Globalization (Bentham Publishing).


  • International Trade
  • Industrial Organization
  • Marketing
  • Policy


  • B.S.A., 1963, Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan
  • M.Sc., 1964, Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan
  • M.A., 1966, Economics, University of Wisconsin
  • Ph.D., 1968, Economics, University of Wisconsin
  • D.Litt., 1999, Agricultural Economics, University of Saskatchewan

Current Projects

  • State-Trading Enterprises & Privatization
  • Policy Choice & the Theory of Rent-Seeking Behaviour
  • Theory & Applications of Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • International Trade, Border Disputes & WTO
  • U.S. Agricultural Policy, Land Use & the Environment
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
  • Impacts of Agricultural Programs
  • E-Commerce in Agriculture

Internation Experience

  • Agricultural Institute, Czech Republic
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Australian & Canadian Wheat Boards
  • Economic Council of Canada
  • FAO (Mozambique, Africa)
  • IAMO, Germany
  • International Trade Consortium
  • McCarther Foundation (Bulgaria & Costa Rica)
  • Turkish Government/Ankara, Agricultural Economic Institute
  • USAID (Sri Lanka, Romania & Guyana)
  • World Bank
  • World Trade Organization
  • Legal Consultant (expert witness). Work with law firms, including Tuttle and Taylor; Lubé and Lewis; Ardent and Fox; Beard and Associates; Cohen, Milstein Hausfeld & Toll; Levin, Middlebrooks, Thomas, Mitchell, and Echsner; Proctor and Papantonio; Bartlit, Beck, Herman, Palenchar, and Scott; Barnes, Richardson, and Colburn; and Devine Goodman

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, 2013
  • Publication of Enduring Quality Award, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, 2013
  • Enduring Quality Award, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society, 2008
  • Outstanding Contribution in Research Award, Food and Resource Economics Department, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 2004
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 2003
  • Research Fellow, Rural Development Research Consortium, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 2003
  • Enduring Research Quality Award, American Agricultural Economics Association, 2003
  • Honorary Chair, Center for the Study of Agriculture, Law and the Environment, University of Saskatchewan, 2001-2002
  • Member of National Research Council Food-Safety Committee, National Academy of Sciences, July 2000-Present
  • Outstanding Publication Award, The Saskatchewan Book Writers Guild, 2001
  • Doctor of Letters Degree, University of Saskatchewan, 1999
  • Invited Lecture, The Adaptation of New Technologies in Agriculture, 100th Anniversary, University of Vicosa, Brazil, 1996
  • The M.L. Wilson Distinguished Lecture Award, Montana State University, 1996
  • L. Tweeten Distinguished Lecture, The Ohio State University, 1996
  • American Agricultural Economics Association Waugh Medal and Lecture, 1995
  • Ben Hill Griffin, Endowed Chair and Eminent Scholar, University of Florida, 1994
  • American Agricultural Economics Association Award for Research of Enduring Quality, 1994