Economic Impact Analysis Program


Economic Impact Analysis Program at the University of Florida is housed in the Department of Food and Resource Economics and supported by a group of faculty with expertise in regional, marine, and natural resource economics. Activities focus on data collection and analytical studies designed to enhance the understanding of the role played by agricultural and natural resource based industries in the Florida economy. Faculty members often provide technical assistance to industry groups, government agencies and local communities and are available to conduct specific research projects involving detailed analyses of particular industries, regions, or situations.


  1. Compile and maintain a comprehensive information base on economic activity in Florida's agriculture and natural resource-based industries,
  2. Conduct economic impact analyses of various agricultural and natural resource-based commodities and service industries, and for various counties and regions of Florida,
  3. Periodically publish the results of these analyses as a series of concise reports, in both print and electronic form, suitable for the general public,
  4. Conduct in-depth economic impact studies as sponsored projects for various business and government clientele groups, and
  5. Support needs for economic impact information with the UF/IFAS community, for purposes of program assessment or proposal development.

Economic Impact Analysis Program